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Located at the intersection of
pop, rock AND Soul


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Calvin Court is a musical destination of captivating TROY anthems, power ballads, pop, and love songs you are guaranteed to revisit over and over.

Named in honor of TROY's neighbors and neighborhood (where TROY drew inspiration while hosting 25 free live shows during the pandemic and making of the EP), Calvin Court showcases TROY’s emotionally charged songwriting, amazing vocals, and incredibly catchy melodies.  


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Jersey born and raised.
New York trained.
LA made.
Nashville grade.


2022 Shows

January 25 - Sofar Sounds - Denver, CO - Five Points

January 28 - Sofar Sounds - Denver, CO - Platt Park

January 29 - Sofar Sounds - Denver, CO - Five Points

February 7 - BlueBird Cafe - Nashville, TN (Open Mic)

February 16 - Sofar Sounds - Houston, TX

February 26 - 'Pop Rocks!' Springwater - Nashville, TN 

March 31 - The Filling Station, Bozeman, MT

April 14- The Sarasota Open, Sarasota FL

April 15 - The Sarasota Open, Sarasota FL

April 30 - Analog, Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN

May 5 -  Bento Rooftop, Neon Sky Series, Nashville, TN

More to be announced.  Check back soon!